Tuesday, April 24, 2012

beyond fred, ginger & gene

 Yes, Astaire and Kelly were brilliant, as they kept reminding us (especially the latter, Hollywood's most endearing egomaniac), but for my money, the athletic, hyper-masculine and criminally overlooked Gene Nelson could keep up with them - and then some. Just take a look and become a believer.

 The film: "She’s Working Her Way Through College”(1952)

 The director: Bruce Humberstone

 The number: “Am I In Love?”

 The composers: Harry Warren and Al Dubin

 The choreographer: LeRoy Prinz

 The singer-dancer: Gene Nelson

 The cinematographer: Wilfred M. Cline

 The editor: Clarence Kolster

 The production designer: Charles H. Clarke

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wwolfe said...

Wow! That's great fun. I've always heard that Nelson was first-rate, but this is the first work of his I've ever had a chance to see. Thanks for posting it.