Thursday, April 12, 2012

beyond fred, ginger & gene

George Sidney, a hit-or-miss filmmaker, outdid himself with his sterling 1953 adaptation of Cole Porter's "Kiss Me, Kate.” A film of many musical highlights, "Kate" offered up one in particular that deserves to be called classic - the twirling, spinning "From This Moment On" number.


The number: “From This Moment On”

The composer: Cole Porter

The singers: Tommy Rall, Bobby Van and Bob Fosse

The choreographers: Hermès Pan, with Bob Fosse (uncredited)

The dancers: Ann Miller, Carol Haney, Jeanne Coyne, Fosse, Rall and Van

The cinematographer: Charles Rosher

The film editor: Ralph E. Winters

The production designers: Cedric Gibbons and Urie McCleary

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jbryant said...

One of my favorite numbers from one of my favorite movies.