Sunday, April 01, 2012

beyond fred, ginger & gene

A tender, authentic moment in an otherwise synthetic, cloying film.

 The film: “The Sound of Music” (1965)

 The director: Robert Wise

 The number: “Laendler” ("The Lonely Goatherd")

 The composer: Richard Rodgers

 The choreograhers: Marc Breaux and Dee Dee Wood

 The dancers: Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer

 The cinematographer: Ted McCord

 The editor: Ted McCord

 The production designer: Boris Leven


Catherine Block said...

Wise of you Joe to kick off this series with a film by Quine, whose visual storytelling is “invisible.” He was an unacknowledged stylist in his time

Brian said...

Quine's use of space in this scene is extraordinary.

Sheila said...

Excellent choice. That number never fails to impress me. I gather that Fosse and Rall were friends, given that they also danced together in "Kiss Me, Kate."

John Kaiser said...

Fosse. No one better.