Monday, May 04, 2015

life imitating art

Inconceivable as it is to the logical mind, but back in 1986 when he directed his first and only film, the brilliant new-style musical, "True Stories," David Byrne somehow anticipated the fashion trends of 2015.

In a wildly memorable sequence, Byrne staged a wacky fashion show at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas wherein each outfit became weirder and more deranged - but not that different from what major celebrities wore to this year's Met Gala (that would be New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art for all you yokels out there), as overseen by the ubiquitous Anna Wintour.

Above, that's SJP (that would be Sarah Jessica Parker for all you yokels out there), wearing a compelling design by Philip Treacy at the Gala.

And, below, are the runway models in Byrne's witty film.

I knew that Byrne is something of a Renaissance man, but I never realized to exactly what extent.

Note in Passing: In all fairness, the attendees at the Met Gala were advised to wear costumes to the event, and not the usual couturier garb.  And for the record, the fashion show in "True Stories" was the brainchild of Byrne's scenarists, playwright Beth Henley and actor Stephen Toboloswsky (Henley's then-boyfriend), and it's staged while one of the film's game stars, Annie McEnroe, sings Byrne's lilting "Dream Operator."


Sheila said...

Good catch. Good analogy.

idele said...

I have never quite understood how SJP went from playing a fashion-addicted character on Sex and the City to an actual fashion icon in real life. These "costumes" are what actors used to wear to the Oscars red carpet.

Kiki said...

am I the only person in the world who thought Sex and the City was a disgraceful representation of women and the SJP should have been shot at sunrise like traitors in WW1?