Wednesday, January 11, 2012

forever, woody

As 2011 crept away, I elected to go through my movie paraphrenalia and do a little purging. Among what I call my "celebrity letters," I found five from Woody Allen, four of them handwritten (and one on legal-size yellow paper). They all brought back memories of the Allen movies I reviewed and how wonderful it felt to be validated by the filmmaker.

Here's one which was his response to a column about how we all tend to connect - and identify - with those elusive, yet somehow familiar shadows on the screen, one of whom for me back then was ... Woody. Enjoy.


Jason said...

Very cool.

Debi said...

WOW. I am so impressed.

Joan Mintz Ulmer said...

What I could read of it, I loved, but could you give us a transcript - I got lost at the end. What a treasure, though.

joe baltake said...

Hi Joan-

Here's what Woody Allen wrote in his letters:

Dear Joe-

Found your article funny & touching. I identified with you, identifying with me - since of course I identify with the following: Brando, Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Willie Mays, Sugar Ray Robinson, Chekov and for some strange reason Tracy Austin.

Oh, well...