Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cinema obscura: Griffin Dunne's "The Accidental Husband" (2008)

Morgan and Thurman in the unreleased "The Accidental Husband," directed by Griffin Dunne.
Uma Thurman's latest film, "Motherhood," directed by Katherine Dieckmann, opened in a few "select" cities recently and then disappeared after a week - an indication that it will travel no further theatrically.

Next stop: DVD.

But at least it was released.

What on earth happend to Thurman's previous film, "The Accidental Husband," from 2008? It was directed by Griffin Dunne and co-stars "Grey's Anatomy's" Jeffrey Dean Morgan before he even made "Watchmen," and the ubiquitous Colin Firth - and Sam Shepard! With a cast like this, why wasn't "The Accidental Husband" ever released?

In it, Thurman plays a popular radio talk show host, emgaged to Firth but already married to Morgan - much to her chagrin. And confusion. See, she doesn't remember even marrying Morgan. So what gives? This sound like the kind of inane romcom that most studios have no problem releasing - at least, not when the inane romcom stars Sandra Bullock.

Apparently, the Morgan character is harboring some "big secret" which, for me, is code that his character is really gay. I'm only guessing here.

Uma's recent movie choices have come in under the radar in terms of box-office, but they've been nothing if not risky and diverse - Susan Stroman's "The Producers" 2005), Ben Younger's Prime" (2005), Ivan Reitman's "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" (2006) and Vadim Perelman's "The Lies Before Her Eyes" (2007). It doesn't help that both "Motherhood" and "The Accidental Husband" have been virtually invisible.

Hey, Give her a break. Let's see the Griffin film already!


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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joe baltake said...

OK, Jim- Exactly what is Morgan's "big secret"? I'll welcome a spoiler here. -J

Unknown said...

Hell, even Harrison Ford had a movie, "Crossing Over", go straight to DVD in the past year. I don't even remember seeing a trailer for it.

Unknown said...

If I'm right the Morgan character's big secret ( at least to Thurman's ) is that he was behind their accidental marriage. Seems he pretends to be as baffled by it as she is.

joe baltake said...

No, John, "Crossing Over" was indeed released to theaters, albeit on a limited basis in selected cities.

john Kaiser said...

Oh, I know it was "limited", but like I said, no trailer, no commercials, this film was given a very token release and then dumped onto the DVD market to be forgotten.

Toni said...

Here is a spoiler from IMDB:
Thurman plays New York radio love doctor Emma Lloyd, engaged to be married to her publicist Richard (Colin Firth) and also about to launch her book whilst dispensing advice on all matters of the heart. Unfortunately for fire fighter Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), she manages to convince his girlfriend to call off their wedding. Seeking revenge for having his heart broken, Patrick hacks into the State department and registers himself as being married to Emma (as you do!), throwing her whole life out of sync. But as the prank backfires, Patrick and Emma forget their initial dislike of the other and are forced to confront the growing attraction between them.

the consensus in the comments is that the main characters are really unlikable.

Unknown said...

Toni- That's a spoiler? That was in the trailer.