Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Julie Delpy's "2 Days in Paris"

Already a critics' darling and a probable audience favorite, Julie Delpy's directorial debut, "2 Days in Paris," is at once companionable and challenging, and like most worthwhile films these days, also is both derivative and original.

Delpy clearly quotes other films and filmmakers here - most notably Woody Allen and Eric Rohmer - but adds a little shading here and there and a few curlicues that make the material her own. What we have here is the experience of seeing other movies through Delpy's eyes and the view is great.

The title tells all. French photographer Marion (played by Delpy herself) and American interior designer Jack (Adam Goldberg, Delpy's former main squeeze) are en route back to their New York home following a disappointing trip to Venice, stopping off in Paris first for a couple days to visit Marion's eccentric family. Deux jours. Two days too many.

Marion's parents (played by Delpy's real-life parents) are a test enough for Jack, but then there's a series of unplanned, impromptu meetings with Marion's old boyfriends. Misunderstandings abound. Or are they misunderstandings? Arguments become more frequent and sex becomes just about impossible.

It doesn't help that Jack is wildly neurotic or that Marion is frustratingly nonplussed about everything.

Delpy creates a convincing atmosphere of suspicion and doubt and, unlike her American counterparts, never gives in to the temptation of sentiment or sentimentality.

Bracing. That's the best way to describe Julie Delpy's unique vision.

(Artwork: Director Delpy and leading man Adam Goldberg in "2 Days in Paris")

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I agree. This is a lovely yet caustic film.