Sunday, April 22, 2012

beyond fred, ginger & gene

  Yes, Fosse again. Working under Abbott and Donen and Adler and Ross for the first time (later joining them all for "Damn Yankees" a year later), with the two very smart directors apparently giving him free reign.

 The film: Warner Bros.' 1957 movie adaptation of “The Pajama Game"

 The directors: George Abbott and Stanley Donen

 The number: “Once-a-Year Day”

 The composers: Jerry Ross and Richard Adler

 The singers: John Raitt and Doris Day

 The choreographer: Bob Fosse

 The dancers: Carol Haney, Buzz Miller, Kenneth LeRoy and company

 The cinematographer: Harry Stradling Sr.

 The editor: William H. Ziegler

 The production designer: Malcolm C. Bert

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Ariana said...

Fosse was a genius, but frankly, i like his earlier stuff (like this number) before he became mannered.