Saturday, April 07, 2012

beyond fred, ginger & gene

"Pulp Fiction." Quinten Tarantino's breakthrough film of 1994. Travolta and Uma twist at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. An iconic moment. Instantly.

Say no more.

The number: "You Never Can Tell"/"C'est La Vie"

The composer: Chuck Berry

The choreographer: Tarantino

The dancers: John Travolta and Uma Thurman

The cinematographer: Andrzej Sekula

The film editor: Sally Menke

The production designer: David Wasco

Note in Passing: Despite being one of the highlights of the film, perhaps the highlight, this dance is given no choreographer credit on screen. Strange. So I put out feelers. Joe Dante came through, verifying my initial suspicion: Tarantino himself choreographed the dance. Say no more.


g.w. said...

Great series. Do you plan to include the unexpected dance number with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd in "The Object of My Affection"? I always loved that one!

John Kaiser said...

I wouldn't exactly call it the highlight of the movie, but it was a great scene.