Monday, June 22, 2009


"We're happy to announce the arrival of..."
"Dan in Real Life" and "The Family Stone"

are happy to announce

the birth of their child,

"The Proposal,"

which weighed in at $34.1 million.

The proud grandparents are

"Meet the Fockers" and "The Wedding Crashers."

Present at the birth

was a great-grandparent, "Meet the Parents,"

in addition to several assorted distant relatives,

including "Pieces of April" and "Four Christmases"

and just about every other preditable film comedy about a zany weekend spent at the lavish home of a dysfunctional but charming American family.

Enough! Practice family planning already!


jbryant said...

It seems like every year there's at least one romantic comedy that I enjoy to the bewilderment of my cinephile friends. This year, it's The Proposal. It's undeniably formulaic (it's actually hard to make a successful rom-com that isn't), but Anne Fletcher directs with such verve and the main roles are so nicely performed, I just can't hate on it. Actually, up until the last act, even the script strikes me as smarter than most such affairs.

I also thought Fletcher did great work on Step Up and 27 Dresses, so I guess I was somewhat predisposed to like this one, too. I'd love to see her get hold of a really solid script some day (Anne, if you're reading this, get in touch - I've got a couple that might interest you). :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the baby next year, "Meet the Little Fockers".

joe baltake said...

Jay- I didn't necessarily say that I didn't enjoy "The Proposal." I did. Very much. I've enjoyed most of these films. But the use of forumla here is pretty blatant, more than usual. My point is" Crative Bankruptcy. BTW, I also think Fletcher is a terrific director of comedy.

jbryant said...

Cool, Joe.

Maybe I should get around to seeing Dan in Real Life, The Family Stone, Meet the Fockers, Pieces of April and Four Christmases!

joe baltake said...

I see, Jay, you never saw any of the relatives of "The Proposal." When you do, you'll see what I mean. All are affable. All are virtually alike. What can I say? I had a good time with each of them, particularly "Dan in Real Life" (whose director rips off his own "Pieces of April"). Most companionable films.