Sunday, January 11, 2009


–noun (plural -cies).
1. utterly senseless or foolish behavior as espoused by the E! channel; a stupid or foolish act, statement, etc., as espoused by the E! channel.
2. Psychology. the state of being an idiot, E!-style.

I'm currrently watching the E! channel's red-carpet coverage of The Golden Globes - two shows that handily qualify as dumb and dumber.

Watching a lot of unattractive, obnoxious gay guys and ditzy women heavily made-up to resemble prostitutes, it occured to me that there has been this concerted effort by a certain segment of the media to turn American women into ... idiots. I mean, does the average woman actually care about the borrowed, borderline ugly dresses of ambitious actresses desperate for attention? I guess we're currently experiencing this dubious phenomenon thanks to those vapid gay guys and heavily made-up women who hang on their every word - and also to the assembly-line of chick flicks and romcoms that reached something of a nadir lately.

But the real blame goes to "Sex and the City," which started all this product-placement obsessive preoccupation with shoes and handbags - and whose unfortunate run on HBO has been accurately described by sex columnist Dan Savage as "a reign of terror." Amen.

And who are you wearing?

(Artwork: Sarah Jessica - isn't she gorgeous?)

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