Friday, May 04, 2007

façade: Sigourney Weaver

In Jake Kasdan's modestly entertaining and insightful "The TV Set," Sigourney Weaver's soulless network boss gets off a few zingers worth repeating. Here's a sampling:

On originality: "Truthfully, 'origninality' scares me a little."

On what doesn't constitute sex appeal on TV: "You can't buld a TV show around a theater actor with bad hair and a beard."

On what sells on TV: "Sex will always beat disgusting food on TV."

On her hit reality series, "Slut Wars": "If you can;t sell 14 sluts in the Caribbean, you've got problems."

On why she went with a certain actress for a new series: "She doens't let her cuteness get in the way of her hotness."

On why she passed on another actress for the same role: "I think she has fake breasts and, over time,the audience will feel that."

What's so funny is that it all sounds so real.

(Artwork: Sigourney Weaver in all her glory)

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