Friday, March 30, 2007

tashlin rocks!

My recent blog on the link between the work of Frank Tashlin and Eddie Murphy's "Norbit" elicited a note from Jim Healy, Assistant Curator of exhibitions/motion picture Ddpartment at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I shared it with you.

"Nice to encounter another Tashlin fan," writes Jim. "I don't know where you write from, but I've programmed a series of Frank Tashlin features and cartoons currently running here in Rochester. We're only showing one feature and two cartoons a week, but if you make the trip and give me enough advance notice, I might be able to show you more."

Jim's series is running at The Dryden Theater at the George Eastman House, 900 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607 (585.271.3361).

Jim also wrote a terrific essay on Tashlin worth checking out. It's titled "The Nonsense We Call Civilization: The Cartoons and Comedies of Frank Tashlin."

(Artwork: Frank Tashlin at work on one of his cartoons)

* * *

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Becky said...

Joe-- I'm a Thashlin freak, too. Can't get enough of him. I definitely plan to visit Eastman house with my husband. Thanks for the tip and for the nice words about my favorite director.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this!